wtf is nwwt

[aaron@glorfindel ~]$ wtf is nwwt
wtf, I don’t know what nwwt means!

Aw, SWWT for sure.

May 17th, 2006
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  2. Anonymous
    Jun 14th, 2007 at 00:09 | #2

    What about the added materials in CFL bulbs (mercury, etc.), and what about the production of these bulbs? Clearly CFL bulbs are more complicated to produce and contain a lot more shit… more complicated to produce means more pollution during production, etc. etc. I replaced a few bulbs around here with dollarama CFL’s and guess what, they’re not working anymore. There goes any potential cost savings.

    Anyways, good analysis. I think CFL’s are an intermediate in all honesty, and I think something new has to be figured out. Even if it is incandescent based, but somehow converts more lost heat to light, or heck, even energy. Just tossing this out there, but what about sockets with some sort of heat->energy capacity? If the socker or lamp included some sort of peltier type thing to generate a bit more power off of the lost heat, then nwwt… But my point is, replacing incandescents with CFL’s for me isn’t worth it yet, based on the performance and what I believe is increased waste and manufacturing energy and resources.

    The best thing is ALWAYS to actually change the way you live (less lights, turning them off a lot more.. being ok with darkness, or actually going outside when you want light) than to purchase more expensive products that supposedly offset your existing lifestyle.

    Also, ask your friends if any of them have a socket A processor or motherboard I can use to test my system for an hour.. :)

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