Nice Rack

After more than 4 years of slow construction, I’m a few pieces away from having the originally planned Ultimate DJ Rack complete.

I was excited to find out OtsDJ finally had a new (major) release, with a shitload of features I’d been waiting for for years. But bummer, the system requirements jumped from well within reach of my Pentium II 333MHz system to like triple what they were! Maybe it’ll work, says I. Negative. Every track has some kind of time aliasing, like a shitty constant-pitch tempo slider. Sounds like shit. But I’ve had this automated beatmatching and L/R waveform view for all of 5 minutes, and I won’t DJ another gig without it. Enter pieces 1, 2 and 3: a new CPU, motherboard, and RAM.

I also decided that we’ll need a compact USB keyboard (piece 4), since the large SGI PS/2 keyboard we have now has a nice long cord but takes up a lot of real estate on top of the rack.

Somewhere between the actual release and me finding out it didn’t work, I finally finished the cutout for the giant fan on the back panel (which had just been put on earlier this year). It works like a charm! All that’s left to do now are pieces 5 and 6: installing the last of the angle-irons (which are actually made of aluminum) on the back edges of the rack (which, ironically, are the two edges that needed them the most originally), and the brand-new idea of adding a desk grommet for the keyboard, mouse and monitor on the top of the rack!

Nov 24th, 2006
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