And lo, EZOD spake unto the geeks…

I just took this Geek Test at innergeek. Let me just say, before I post my score, that until this point it didn’t occur to me just how geeky the stuff I spend my time doing is. I mean, alright, I’m an electrical engineering grad student, I play RPGs and shit, I program my breakfast in C++, and I spend a lot of time reading books about physics and watching documentaries about ancient history. But come on! I have a hot fiancee and a lot of friends, I’m a DJ, and my life outside all the geek shit consists primarily of partying! It can’t be that bad, right?

66.27219% – Geek God

i am a geek god

Yeah. There’s one level above this, called Dysfunctional Geek. A sampling of the levels below: Extreme, Super, Major, and Total Geek.

As a side note, I checked the bonus points for “I can think of other things that should get me points on this test,” and actually thought of a few: co-founding the local UNIX user group, hosting a website based on Riddick, metal detecting, the fact that I left a high-paying career to come back to school and do research all day, and, um, this.

Jul 17th, 2007
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