• Attack Vector

    Had a good discussion on the Thousand Parsec developer list with Lee, the author of tpserver-cpp, regarding my GSoC project. My simple plan is taking shape, and I’m optimistic at this point that the details will be mostly devil-free. The first thing I need to do is look at how the current game protocol is […]

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  • Real Stereo Smart Cameras

    As one of the first steps in my Ph.D. work, I’m looking into building a real embedded Linux-based architecture for my distributed smart stereo cameras. The PC/104 form factor looks right. Many of the boards run Linux and have enough juice to do heavy image processing and run my calibration algorithm. I’ll need an IEEE-1394 […]

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  • Onychohumasia (That’s Right)

    Cloned a few of the Git repositories for Thousand Parsec yesterday, and spent a good chunk of today getting to know tpserver-cpp from the inside. It was one of the easier bits to write an ebuild for back in March, so I covered that ground again by compiling it directly. I messed around a bit […]

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  • Mr. President

    More good financial news! I received a President’s Excellence scholarship today, for 3 terms starting in Fall 2008. That will be nice, since I won’t be eligible to GA in that first semester and Crystal will be back in school. I finally got around to finishing my presentation slides for CISP 2008 today. My paper […]

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  • Potential to Kinetic, 1 for 2

    This morning, I opened a letter from the Ontario government telling me that I didn’t receive the OGS scholarship. Or should that be the OG Scholarship? Was Dr. Dre, Ph.D., on the review board? Anyway, well, that sucks. But financial news isn’t all bad today. My Google Summer of Code proposal to the Thousand Parsec […]

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  • I Got Tron Guy’s Green Ribbon

    Penguicon was a good time. Highlights include beer tasting, a talk from xkcd creator Randall Munroe, an excellent introduction to database programming with a Dungeons & Dragons application from Catherine Devlin, a talk on PXE by Kyle Rankin, the Open Source-ry masquerade hosted by Wolfman Mac Kelly from Nightmare Sinema, and having a good talk […]

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  • Push It

    Got around to pushing my Thousand Parsec overlay onto the TP project Git server, and writing the XML for Layman. For now, you have to add a URL to layman.cfg, but I’ve contacted a Gentoo developer who should be able to add it to the main list. If you test the overlay, let me know […]

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  • Last Lap

    Well, the new is up. Deep breath taken but completely unnecessary, plunge much smoother than expected. Careful planning followed by swift execution seems to work well for me. Looks like I have a couple extra days of breathing room for this ICDSC 2008 paper. My thesis draft won’t be through the grinder until the […]

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  • The New Me

    In intermittent spurts of not wanting to work on a conference paper, which are more frequent and prolonged than I’d like, I’ve been revamping I’d call it 2.0, you know, to use the lame cliche and to fit in with the whole Web 2.0 thing, but this is actually the fourth major iteration of […]

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