Attack Vector

Had a good discussion on the Thousand Parsec developer list with Lee, the author of tpserver-cpp, regarding my GSoC project. My simple plan is taking shape, and I’m optimistic at this point that the details will be mostly devil-free.

The first thing I need to do is look at how the current game protocol is implemented and documented, and draw up a similar specification for the administration protocol (in the protocol XML format). Next, I’ll start implementing the server side in C++, within tpserver-cpp, and a client-side library for it in Python, inspired by the game client code and possibly within the game protocol library. This is the major coding phase of the project. Once I have a working administration client with a text interface that can do everything the current console can, I can strip the console out of tpserver-cpp, change its default logging behavior, and make it fork to the background.

After that’s done, I’ll interface to the administration protocol library, already conveniently implemented in Python, through a single-player mode GUI dialog in tpclient-pywx (which will also have facilities for starting up AI clients, but I’ll worry about that later). Down the road, it might be useful to add an optional GUI to the main administration client as well.

Apr 28th, 2008
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