Real Stereo Smart Cameras

As one of the first steps in my Ph.D. work, I’m looking into building a real embedded Linux-based architecture for my distributed smart stereo cameras. The PC/104 form factor looks right. Many of the boards run Linux and have enough juice to do heavy image processing and run my calibration algorithm. I’ll need an IEEE-1394 controller for the cameras, and, hopefully, an IEEE 802.11 wireless network controller for communication.

Looks like my Prosilica EC1350s are supported by libdc1394, which is pretty awesome. I’ll see if I can tinker with them on my desktop box using Coriander first, which conveniently happens to already be in the Gentoo Portage tree, and then I’ll poke around about people’s mileage in general using libdc1394 on embedded systems.

There’s also the matter of either reimplementing my calibration algorithm in a compiled language (C++ is the current likely candidate) or vastly improving its performance in its current Python incarnation, possibly by using Stackless and/or just doing the registration in C/C++ and providing Python bindings.

Apr 24th, 2008
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