• Log: Logger, Logs

    I just finished the first draft of the administration protocol extension specification (there’s a mouthful) for Thousand Parsec in XML. So far, it looks to me like it should handle everything I need. I also added the basic functionality for logging to administration clients, which won’t be difficult to complete now that I’ve specified what […]

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  • GSoC/TP Weekly Report (May 19 – May 25)

    This Week: The new additions to tpserver-cpp now compile, and have been pushed to the config branch of the repository. The server now accepts TCP connections for administration, properly starting and stopping the sockets, and performs version checking and authentication. Relevant configuration parameters have been added to the sample configuration file. The administration protocol extension […]

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  • It’s Alive

    My config branch of tpserver-cpp now compiles, and even accepts TCP remote admin connections. It doesn’t actually do anything yet; I need to implement methods for protocol version checking and authentication, and then the actual protocol and command set stuff. The two big things I need before I can proceed on the server are the […]

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  • Leaving Sector 7

    So my solution to the administration protocol is to extend the regular TP protocol with a few extra frames. In tpserver-cpp, this means making a new “version” which is ignored by the Player objects and looked at by the Admin objects. Some, but not all, of the base protocol frame types are interesting to Admin […]

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  • GSoC/TP Weekly Report (May 12 – May 18)

    This Week: I created AdminTcpSocket, AdminConnection, and AdminTcpConnection objects, based on their Player (game protocol) counterparts. The command functionality will live in AdminConnection. I have discussed the administration protocol and its implementation in tpserver-cpp with Lee and on the mailing list, and now have a workable plan. The protocol will be based on the game […]

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  • The Ensigns of Command

    Set up a new page about the remote administration project in tpserver-cpp on the Thousand Parsec Wiki. I’m going to flesh out the details of the plan once I get some feedback on my initial ideas about the protocol. For now, it has a list of the basic server command set currently implemented through the […]

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  • Smart Cameras Don’t Kill People

    My field of research being what it is, this article on Boing Boing caught my eye as I scrolled through my feeds just now. You’d think I’d have some huge conflict of interest working on distributed smart cameras, seeing as surveillance is currently their most prolific application and considering that I am a huge civil […]

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  • We Three Objects

    Did some real coding on tpserver-cpp last night (yay). There are now AdminTcpSocket, AdminConnection, and AdminTcpConnection objects in my local tree, which admittedly do very little (not even compile) at this point. Eventually, however, they’ll be able to do remote administration. For more efficient local connections, which will probably be useful in a great many […]

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  • GSoC/TP Weekly Report (May 5 – May 11)

    This Week: I have a branch “config” of the tpserver-cpp Git repository set up for my modifications. My plans for tpserver-cpp can be summarized as follows: Strip the internal console out, remove libtprl dependency. Daemonize the process (with a switch to disable for debugging). Implement objects for sockets and the protocol. Hook the protocol with […]

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  • Expansion

    Good progress all around this weekend! One of the Thousand Parsec developers wrote up a Wiki page on sockets in tpserver-cpp, which, together with his help by email, has got my mind wrapped almost all the way around my project. The last step is actually laying out the specification for the administration protocol. For that, […]

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