GSoC/TP Weekly Report (May 12 – May 18)

This Week:

I created AdminTcpSocket, AdminConnection, and AdminTcpConnection objects, based on their Player (game protocol) counterparts. The command functionality will live in AdminConnection.

I have discussed the administration protocol and its implementation in tpserver-cpp with Lee and on the mailing list, and now have a workable plan. The protocol will be based on the game protocol, using a process similar to order descriptions and orders to exchange information and commands. There will also be asynchronous frames for log messaging and possibly command set updates. The main CLI administration client will be separable from the server for building and/or installation.

I set up a wiki page about remote administration. It currently includes the overall plan and milestones, some initial details about the administration protocol, and documentation on the command set from the console.

Next Week:

I plan to finalize the administration protocol specification next week, documenting it in the protocol XML format.

I also plan to work on integrating the administration protocol in the Frame object of tpserver-cpp so that the server compiles and listens for admin connections with the new objects. When this first objective is reached, I will push the changes to the config branch.

May 20th, 2008
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  1. Anonymous
    May 20th, 2008 at 09:08 | #1

    Good progress

    Good progress.

    I would suggest commit what you have (if it compiles). That way I can see your code and help and make suggestions. Since you have your own branch, you can commit as often as you like. I prefer you commit fairly small changes to make the changes easier for me to read.

    Don’t forget the merge changes from the master branch occasionally.

    I’m a bit ashamed to say I consider the core of tpserver-cpp “mine”; I will have to let go somewhat. In some ways it’s good as you will get a second set of eyes looking and helping fix problems.

    Lee (who still hasn’t set up openid yet)

  2. May 20th, 2008 at 13:11 | #2

    Re: Good progress

    Yep, the plan is to push what I have as soon as it compiles; mithro suggested making small local commits in the meantime but not pushing until it works.

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