Leaving Sector 7

So my solution to the administration protocol is to extend the regular TP protocol with a few extra frames. In tpserver-cpp, this means making a new “version” which is ignored by the Player objects and looked at by the Admin objects. Some, but not all, of the base protocol frame types are interesting to Admin as well; I need to find an elegant way to ignore the rest. I can see a similar issue popping up on the client side also.

I’m on track to push a compilable version of this that should be able to accept connections within the next few days. It won’t do anything with the frames it receives yet. I’ve just got a few more things to do, like different methods for version checking and authentication (which will probably just be hardcoded for now to get the thing to compile).

Currently there’s a fair amount of code duplication from the Player classes in the Admin classes, especially in AdminTcpConnection. It will probably be worthwhile later on to have them inherit some common methods from the same place. I must admit I’m much more experienced with C than C++ and I’m no OOP guru, so suggestions about how to approach this will be welcome when the time comes!

May 21st, 2008
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