• Mining

    I started some internal documentation for myself about my Thousand Parsec project. So far, I’ve got a pretty solid plan for stripping out the interactive console from and daemonizing tpserver-cpp. Obviously, however, I can’t do that without first implementing the server side of the adminsitration protocol. My next job, then, is to figure out how […]

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  • Hammertime

    Defense successful. No cities lost. All missiles destroyed. In terms of comments on my thesis, a better overall flow and more formal naming for chapters and sections were the main requests. In other words, the bread and meat are OK, but it needs more Miracle Whip and crispier lettuce. The future direction of this research […]

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  • What’s the Diff?

    I started out thinking my Master’s defense presentation was going to go more or less like my second seminar in March. Actually, I was worried it would be too similar. However, the more I revise these slides (58 in total at this point, although the last 12 are a sort of appendix), the more I […]

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  • Give Me Slack

    The manuscript submission deadline for ICDSC 2008 was pushed back to May 12, which let me spend a couple days this week revising my paper instead of having to cram it all in on Monday. The second draft is quite a bit cleaner (flowcharts instead of verbal descriptions for the implementation, as well as more […]

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