We Three Objects

Did some real coding on tpserver-cpp last night (yay). There are now AdminTcpSocket, AdminConnection, and AdminTcpConnection objects in my local tree, which admittedly do very little (not even compile) at this point. Eventually, however, they’ll be able to do remote administration. For more efficient local connections, which will probably be useful in a great many cases, these will be joined by AdminIpcSocket and AdminIpcConnection for UNIX IPC sockets. Later on, TLS and other connection types may follow.

One thing I’ve run into is that the PlayerConnection and PlayerTcpConnection objects, upon which the analogous Admin objects are based, seem to be quite dependent on the Frame code which is specific to the game protocol. I’ll need to develop a skeleton for something parallel for the administration protocol in order for the communication functions to work. Fortunately, the rest of the current framework seems pretty straightforward and adaptable to my situation, so this new protocol won’t look like a tutu on a Klingon, and in general my code additions should be very maintainable.

May 15th, 2008
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