On the libtpproto-cpp front, I think I may just be finished, in the programmer’s sense of the word (seems finished, but will most likely need plenty more work once I actually try to use it). I added CommandTypesList, Command, and CommandResult frames. Conspicuously missing is the CommandUpdate frame, which I am not really sure I need. No big deal to go back and implement there and in tpserver-cpp if I do.

I’ve started working on a libtprl-based console, tpadmin-cpp, which will be the CLI server administration client. So far, it doesn’t do much. The neat thing is that it shouldn’t be too hard to add commands based on the CommandDescriptions from the server; the action() method will just parse the command and send the appropriate Command frame to the server.

Our discussions about whether to include it with tpserver-cpp (in the same repository) have concluded; the decision is that tpadmin-cpp will be its own repository, so the client and server will be available separately but optionally bundled together, and tpserver-cpp will come with an Apache-like control utility that will support a few minimal operations (forcing a config file re-read, generating a turn, etc.).

Jun 19th, 2008
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