GSoC/TP Weekly Report (June 14 – June 20)

This Week:

Early in the week I finished adding the various administration frames to libtpproto-cpp in the new config branch. This provides the basic frame packing and unpacking functionality. I have deferred implementation of the CommandUpdate frame since I’m not entirely sure it’s necessary.

Next, I started the tpadmin-cpp utility. The basic console functionality is there, but currently it doesn’t connect to the server. When I got to this point, I realized that clients using libtpproto-cpp would connect through a high-level interface in that library called GameLayer, rather than implementing their own code for this based on lower-level stuff. So, tpadmin-cpp is now waiting for a similar interface tailored to admin clients.

Overall, I am satisfied with this week’s progress. Although I missed a tentative milestone to have tpadmin-cpp connecting to the server (today), I more than made up for it with laying the foundations for other functionality that will put me well ahead by this time next week. My most important accomplishment this week has been mentally tying the ends together; I’m now fully convinced that I can complete the first half of this project on time, because I now know fairly precisely what needs to be done for every remaining piece.

Next Week:

I will revisit libtpproto-cpp and add an AdminLayer interface. This will take care of the connection, authentication, and communications, similar to GameLayer. Pending further investigation into how the existing GameLayer works, I think this should also take care of the command list.

Once the AdminLayer is complete, I will make tpadmin-cpp use it to connect to and authenticate with the server. If all goes well, I should still have time left in the week to add the necessary functionality to get commands from the AdminLayer list into the console list (which is already partially implemented).

Jun 20th, 2008
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