GSoC/TP Weekly Report (June 7 – June 13)

This Week:

Unfortunately, my internet connectivity was extremely limited while I was away this week for a conference in Boston, so I wasn’t able to accomplish much actual coding work (in fact, I managed to total two commits all week).

However, I did get a chance to review the libtprl and console code reasonably thoroughly, and the currently available libtpproto-cpp briefly. My familiarity should give me something of a head start in implementing the client, and indeed, it looks as if it should be relatively straightforward.

Additionally, I spent some time reading up on UNIX sockets. I’ve used them (in a sort of quick-and-dirty way) before, and having refreshed my memory I can say that this, too, looks quite doable. I’ll need to double check but I think socket-based IPC is quite standard and portable.

Next Week:

Back home and armed with knowledge, I plan to hit the ground running and make some major pushes in the upcoming week.

The first order of business is to branch libtpproto-cpp in order to add the client side of the administration protocol extension, to be used by the C++ CLI administration client.

If I can fully complete that next week, I’ll be on track to have a fully working client ready for the midterm evaluation date. However, I hope to wrap that up early and move on to starting the client itself before the end of the week.

Jun 13th, 2008
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