Proto, I’ve A Feeling…

Since Friday, I’ve managed to get a decent amount done on libtpproto-cpp. I added a config branch — a bit of a misnomer since I’ve been calling everything “admin”, but consistent with my tpserver-cpp branch. So far I have the LogMessage, GetCommandDescription, and CommandDescription frames, and functionality for command parameters.

I ran into a bit of trouble compiling libtpproto-cpp at all. The default configure options compile it as a shared library, but it links to the Boost libraries, which, at least on Gentoo/amd64, are built static (and non-PIC). Passing --enable-static and --disable-dynamic lets it compile as a static archive, which should be good enough for compiling the client against. If Lee or anyone else can add anything here, please feel free to comment. :)

I’m thinking about putting the rest of the libtpproto-cpp frames on hold and starting work on the client, so that I can finally see some of this good stuff in action. Looks like tpclient-cpptext is a good overall example of the basic client functionality through libtpproto-cpp, and it uses a lot of the libtprl stuff I’ll need to boot.

Jun 15th, 2008
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