GSoC/TP Weekly Report (July 19 – July 25)

This Week:

I completed the libtpproto-py administration components. This turned out to be less ambitious than I anticipated, involving mainly creating an admin connection object, the various command frame objects, and a log message frame object. Everything seems to work so far.

I feel I could have accomplished more this week, but at least I accomplished what I planned. Jumping into a different language and a new set of repositories was bound to be a second slow start in the middle of GSoC for me, but I think I’ve built up enough momentum now to get the rest of it done in time.

Next Week:

By early next week I hope to have solid plans for two major pieces of the project: a system whereby clients can detect installed servers, rulesets, and AI clients, and an automated administration client for single-player games. I’ve emailed the developer list with my thoughts on single-player mode implementation and hope to get a broad spectrum of feedback.

Unless the responses effect a paradigm shift on my current plans, I’ll try to code the automated administration client (probably in libtpclient-py) next week. This might involve additional work on libtpproto-py as well.

Jul 25th, 2008
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