GSoC/TP Weekly Report (July 5 – July 11)

This Week:

I added some small but important bits of functionality to tpadmin-cpp. Notably, libtpproto-cpp now handles log message frames properly, and tpadmin-cpp detects server-end disconnection and cleans up the command list accordingly.

The rest of the week was spent adding comments to the code wherever they seemed particularly important, and working on the midterm report.

Next Week:

It seems I’ll be adapting the other students’ midterm reports to the Thousand Parsec theme I designed for mine. Unfortunately, it’s all manually laid out, so I set myself up for a relatively large amount of work here.

On the coding front, the most logical place to start with the second half of my project — namely, adding the single-player wizard to tpclient-pywx — is to duplicate the work I did on libtpproto-cpp in libtpproto-py, adding the administration protocol functionality. I’ll see about getting a branch set up for that.

Jul 12th, 2008
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