Have you got a 27B/6?

I think the first half of my GSoC project, comprising the administration protocol, the modifications to tpserver-cpp and libtpproto-cpp to support it, and the standalone tpadmin-cpp administration client, is ready for prime time, or at least a half-hour spot at 3:00 AM on the public access channel.

I’ll still be hammering it for bugs over the next day or two, but fingers crossed, it looks good right now. There are still a few gaps in functionality that will probably be added at some point; notably, the local command set is only updated at login currently, but eventually the client may want to watch for changes in the server-side list and update.

If you’d like to try it out, compile the config branches of tpserver-cpp and libtpproto-cpp, as well as tpadmin-cpp. Note that this version of tpserver-cpp runs as a daemon, but you can disable that behavior with the -d switch. Issuing open localhost and login admin admin to tpadmin-cpp should give you access to a set of commands on the server (type help to see them all).

I’ll greatly appreciate any feedback, especially suggestions and bug reports.

Jul 3rd, 2008
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