Do Wizards Fly?

Well, I managed an eleventh-hour completion of the single-player wizard, the last major component of my Google Summer of Code project. From here on out, it’s wrapping up little loose ends, spit and polish, documentation, and instructions for some sort of proof-of-concept demo.

The wizard works quite well, assuming you have proper XML definitions and control scripts for your servers, rulesets, and AI clients. And that you have the singleplayer branches of tpclient-pywx and libtpclient-py installed. And my branch of tpserver-cpp, if you want to use that server, which is the only one currently supported. And Risk, if you want to use that ruleset, which is the only one on tpserver-cpp currently supported by any AI clients. Which is particularly difficult, since config and risk are two different branches that have yet to be merged.

The control scripts for GenCon and daneel-ai currently don’t work, as I have yet to actually install one of these clients and determine how best to start and stop it. Combined with the above issue, this indicates that setting up a working demo is going to be a Herculean task for me, the developer, to say nothing of those evaluating it.

But at least the wizard works.

Aug 13th, 2008
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