GSoC/TP Weekly Report (August 2 – August 8)

This Week:

I wrote the Single Player wiki page early this week, and expanded on it several times since. There is a flowchart showing the conceptual steps to starting a single player game in a wizard context, and an accompanying Python script which actually interfaces with the libtpclient-py backend. There are also sample XML and control script files for tpserver-cpp, the Risk ruleset (as if it were a separately installed module), and the two GSoC AI clients (daneel-ai and GenCon).

I finally managed to get an initial single player wizard screen to pop up from the connection window, after nearly a week of struggling with wxPython and XRC. I added a wxWizard base class generator to and so far it has worked.

I have mixed feelings about this week’s progress. I did improve the SinglePlayer module in libtpclient-py significantly, and I know that starting games works quite well from the text-mode Python script from the wiki page. However, my goal of completing the major functionality of the wizard was far from achieved. The technical challenges of coding the GUI portion were greater than I had anticipated, mainly due to a lack of experience with wxPython and XRC.

Next Week:

Now that I have a functional wizard to work with, there are still three major pieces left to accomplish. The first is to get wxWizardPage subclasses working with XRC, which I still haven’t figured out how to do. The second is to actually code the libtpclient-py interface and sequencing for the pages, which is not terribly complex but still requires a significant amount of work. The third is figuring out how to dynamically insert fields for parameters into the server and ruleset option pages, which should be similar to the Order stuff already in tpclient-pywx.

Since this will be the last week of GSoC, I also need to make sure this will actually work, and prepare a demonstration using one of the GSoC AI clients and the Risk ruleset. So far I’ve had success using the backend directly and manually configuring tpclient-pywx, so I am hopeful to get this going with relatively few hiccups once the wizard is complete.

Aug 8th, 2008
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