GSoC/TP Weekly Report (August 9 – August 15)

This Week:

This week’s big accomplishment was completing the wizard. From initially getting it to work to a fully functional wizard only took two (long) days of hacking, thanks to good preparation everywhere else.

I also improved the control scripts and XML definitions. The server and ruleset stuff implemented so far works well.

Big sigh of relief. Looks like I covered everything I set out to. While there are undoubtedly some rough edges, given how the slow progress of early August pushed me almost right up to the deadline, there are no major gaps.

From Here On Out:

Two important things remain. The big one is setting up a fully working test with one server, one ruleset, and one AI client. I will do this early tomorrow and document the entire procedure. While I’m waiting for feedback, I’ll spend the remaining time improving in-code documentation.

The big trip to British Columbia starts Monday. I’ll still be in communication throughout, unsecured wireless networks permitting. :)

Aug 15th, 2008
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