GSoC/TP Weekly Report (July 26 – August 1)

This Week:

Two of three major components of single-player mode have been tackled as planned this week.

The first was specifying the XML and control script formats each server, ruleset module, and AI client should use. I will document it in detail on the wiki soon, but for now, take a look at the most current mock-up I’ve been using for testing and demonstration.

The second was developing the SinglePlayer module of libtpclient-py (in the singleplayer branch). This builds server, ruleset, and AI client information lists from the aforementioned XML files, presents some useful higher-level functions (more to come, as I develop the GUI part), and starts and stops the external programs using the control scripts with some intelligence.

I learned something new this week. While my C++ coding style lends itself well to making nice atomic commits with few (if any) bugs, evidently my Python coding style lends itself to being sloppy and scatterbrained. Since Python is basically pseudocode with indentation, I seem to eschew the methodical approach I take to more strongly structured languages and go nuts adding, moving, renaming, and removing code until eventually it coalesces into something reasonable. Revision control really shows this: for some fun examples, like when I pushed a commit containing value = value = ..., see previous deltas on

Overall, I’d say I was productive enough this week. Getting a good idea of what else remains to be done was arguably the most useful aspect.

Next Week:

I hope to make next week the big one for single-player functionality. The final major component, viz. the GUI wizard in tpclient-pywx, should be more or less complete by this time next week. Before I start, however, I also need to document the XML and control script formats, and see about having them installed with various server/ruleset/AI components. There are also various other loose ends to wrap up, and I’ll take advantage of any extra time I have to work on those.

In the end, I hope for all of the major portions of my GSoC proposal to be completed next week, so that I can spend the final week cleaning up, documenting, and testing.

Aug 1st, 2008
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