The Thousand Parsec Single Player wiki page, which I started this week, provides information about implementing single player mode in clients (for now, only those using libtpclient-py) as well as adding support in servers, rulesets, and AI clients. The implementation section provides a text-based Python script that emulates the functionality of a wizard.

I am currently struggling with actually implementing the wizard in tpclient-pywx using the wxWizard module with XRC. The wizard itself isn’t difficult to implement directly in code, and there is a solid example of that in the wxPython demo. However, implementing it in the tpclient-pywx context using XRC has me completely stumped. Examples online are scarce, with this one only using wxWizardPageSimple and this discussion not really giving much more information. What is really confusing me is the way XRC is being used in tpclient-pywx; there are a bunch of auto-generated .py files I can’t make heads or tails of, and I can’t figure out how I should be importing my wizard’s XRC. And then there’s the matter of making dynamic controls appear on some pages (parameters), which I will need to tackle once I get any sort of wizard at all.

This lack of progress is really stressing me out, since it’s the last of many parts of my project, and I only have a few days more to wrap it up.

Aug 7th, 2008
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