There And Back Again

After about a month’s break (vacation to BC, followed by a week buried in books, followed by ICDSC), I’m back to both school and Thousand Parsec development.

For the former, attending ICDSC couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m just in the process of starting new research, and some of the topics presented there have given me some good perspective on what’s important currently. Several researchers (like this guy) employed stereo camera nodes for various applications, lending some credence to my advocacy for them, and also providing some validation for my M.A.Sc. thesis and paper on calibration. A number of groups presented research employing vision graphs and agent-based stuff, both of which are on our menu currently. Finally, there was some interesting talk on the last day about middleware for DSC networks which piqued my interest.

For the latter, my config-branch (remote administration) changes have been merged in tpserver-cpp and family. I’m now going to improve the implementation of the single player back-end functionality in libtpclient-py. A major concern is the compatibility of the bash scripts and motivation for the component developers to actually create them, so I’m going to try to change it to some versatile Python process management code, and have the custom execution stuff live in the description XML file. Hopefully in the process I’ll be able to further centralize the work so that writing the extra XML is reasonably easy while still being able to handle a variety of possibilities. I’ll also spend some time beefing up the inline documentation throughout the client library.

Sep 14th, 2008
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