OpenCV Progress

Things are going well after the first week working with OpenCV. I have no proper complaints about the library, but I still have that uneasy feeling one gets when using something so high-level. It is particularly acute in this case, as computer vision problems are notoriously ill-posed and, having researched many of them heavily, I am apprehensive when the cat-skinning method is chosen for me. I am hopeful it will pass when good results start coming in, and if they don’t, well, OpenCV is open, right?

The latest OpenCV ebuild in the official Portage tree is version 1.0.0, which appeared to be missing a lot of the functionality I was after (notably, stereo vision routines). In order to get things working quickly yet cleanly, I scrapped the patches and updated the ebuild to 1.1.0-pre1, which is in my overlay. When I get a chance to prod it a little more thoroughly I’ll contact the maintainer about getting the update out.

As of right now, I have implemented a total of four utilities in my stereotools project. The first is a stereo calibration program and library that performs Bouguet’s method automatically from a series of saved images, and provides a data structure and file I/O for the results. The second is a fast disparity/depth map generator, which seems to work but hasn’t really been tested yet. The third is a 3D interest point detection utility that will provide the point sets for my 3D distributed smart camera calibration method; this one is still in the works, as I find myself implementing my own sparse ZNCC feature matching (once again) due to a conspicuous lack thereof in OpenCV. The fourth and latest, currently in the works, is a simple image capture utility that shows live feeds from both cameras and snaps images when a key is pressed.

Dec 16th, 2008
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