Play Alone Soon

Thousand Parsec single player mode is almost ready! The initial goal is to release tpclient-pywx with single player mode, along with at least one server and one AI client supporting two rulesets, on Windows and Gentoo Linux. We achieved a few of the final steps last month.

First, we have the release of tpserver-cpp 0.6.0. This release includes the new Risk ruleset as well as the administration protocol, both Google Summer of Code 2008 projects. The Gentoo ebuild for tpserver-cpp now pulls in the recently-released tpadmin-cpp. We’re currently working on a Windows package for the server.

Next, we have a preliminary release of daneel-ai, also a GSoC project, which implements an AI client for the Risk and RFTS rulesets in pure Python. The Gentoo ebuild installs a script in the path and the XML file necessary for single player mode, so on that platform we’re good to go. We plan to have a more solid release and a package for Windows soon.

Feb 3rd, 2009
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