Python Conquers the Universe

While testing the Thousand Parsec single player mode on Gentoo the other day, I came across something strange. The wxPython client, when run from a Git working directory, wants to use development versions of libtpproto-py and libtpclient-py. It does this by prepending '.' to sys.path. For some reason, though, import tp.* was still finding the site-packages versions first, which I had installed from my own overlay ebuild. It turns out that setuptools and Portage conspired to install -nspkg.pth files containing Python code that somehow put the site-packages path for the tp module ahead of everything else in sys.path. It seems doing this at all is an undocumented feature, and the current site module docs don’t mention it. My evil temporary fix (in the ebuilds) is to simply delete those files and touch an __init.py__ in the tp directory. It seems to work, but I still plan to investigate the cause (maybe the fact that there are multiple libraries sharing a namespace?) and come up with a less hackish fix if possible.

On the bright side, single player mode seems to work well for Linux! The wizard GUI needs vast improvement, but it’s functional. As soon as we merge the singleplayer branches of tpclient-pywx and libtpclient-py, we can release a package, and Gentoo will have ebuilds for everything you need to play single player Risk and RFTS. Before we see this, I am probably going to have to get daneel-ai running on Windows so we can test it there before release. We’re also going to need packaging for a number of modules on other Linux distributions.

I’m working on stepping up my Python game in general, checking out Expert Python Programming and O’Reilly’s Python for Unix and Linux System Administration. A thousand other people have said it better than I, but this is what software development ought to be.

Feb 26th, 2009
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