• Axes of Evil

    A quick and dirty set of 3D axes for Visual: from visual import arrow, cylinder   def visual_axes( scale ): """\ Display a set of 3D axes.   @param scale: The scale of the axis set. @type scale: C{float} """ for axis in [ tuple( [ i == j and scale * 5 or 0 […]

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  • Topology, To What End?

    There have been a number of approaches to build topological models of multi-camera networks. The idea is to represent, in some useful and relatively simple mathematical way, the relationship — usually meaning the overlap — between the fields of view of the cameras. To date, it seems as though all such methods fall into two […]

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  • Snap To Grid

    I like Gabor Herman‘s definition of discrete Euclidean space. He defines, for any positive real number and any positive integer : This chops N-space up into a square (cubic, etc.) Bravais lattice, with primitive vectors of magnitude . Each point in the discrete space is then associated with a primitive cell (or Voronoi neighbourhood, in […]

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  • Pi Day Madness

    You have a right-handed Cartesian coordinate basis of a three-dimensional Euclidean space, with axes , , and . You’re given some spatial-directional vectors of the form , where and are, respectively, the inclination angle (from the positive -axis zenith) and the azimuth angle (measured right-handed from the positive -axis) of an associated direction, which is […]

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