TI-92 Hacking, Day One

Day one hacking the TI-92 II graphing calculator.

Stuffed the beast with Duracell rechargeable AAs, and obtained a USB TI Connectivity Kit to talk to it. I have installed TiLP, TiEmu, and TIGCC on my Linux machine, and the official TI Connect software on my Windows XP virtual machine.

My goals for today are simple:

  1. Connect to the device successfully with both TI Connect and TiLP.
  2. Dump an original memory backup as a reference point.
  3. Get an assembly shell loaded onto the calculator.
  4. Dump a ROM image to drive TiEmu.

Connecting is simple enough, and TiLP dumps a serviceable backup file with a minimum of hassle.

The assembly shell gives me a bit more trouble. For the TI-92 II, the only apparent choice is Fargo II. On attempting to link the kernel into my backup file, the Linux binary for flinker acts up, and after a bit of poking I decide to just use the DOS binary, since I have the VM up anyway. I restore the modified backup with TiLP, and load the .92p files provided with Fargo to the device.

After installing the shell, dumping a ROM image with TiLP goes smoothly. The image is just over 2MB, and TiEmu is able to run it.

Jan 26th, 2013
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  1. Jan 27th, 2013 at 06:40 | #1

    Let me know if you find the memory address of Drugwars’ win screen.

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