• Evil Instance Method Alternatives in Python

    An evil way to exploit and abuse Python for fun and profit. I have no idea if this belongs in any real code, but if nothing else, call it an introduction to such neat Python features as metaclasses and decorators. The idea is to create a class which allows specification of an instance-specific bound method […]

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  • TI-92 Hacking, Day One

    Day one hacking the TI-92 II graphing calculator. Stuffed the beast with Duracell rechargeable AAs, and obtained a USB TI Connectivity Kit to talk to it. I have installed TiLP, TiEmu, and TIGCC on my Linux machine, and the official TI Connect software on my Windows XP virtual machine. My goals for today are simple: […]

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  • The Real and Imaginary of The Tea Party Live

    With The Tea Party back together and touring again, and after seeing three live shows since last year’s reunion, I thought I’d set down some collected thoughts on the band’s catalogue and live performances. Naturally, this is all subjective, but I’ve provided links to the studio versions of the songs I mention, so you can […]

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  • Modular Command Interface in Python

    Adolphus implements a neat little interactive command interface in Python. It grew rather organically, so for all I know it’s a bizarre way of doing something available in some library. In any case, it’s pretty light and does what I need, so maybe you’ll find it useful too. The commands module first defines an empty […]

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  • What The Hare Said To Hector

    Hector: Alright, explain your game to me, Mr. Hare. Hare: First, I will stand somewhere along the race track, but I won’t tell you where, and this wall hides me from view. Now, do you see this large contraption here? Hector: Indeed. There is a -meter long net suspended from a high cable that extends […]

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  • Miss Register, I Presume?

    In my AIM 2010 paper, I describe how to obtain a projective transformation from the image plane to the laser plane in a line laser 3D range imaging system. With the laser oriented vertically (i.e. perpendicular to the transport direction of the object being scanned), this allows for mapping of image coordinates directly to 3D […]

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  • Rise of the Quaternions

    Adolphus finally quit messing around and started using a quaternion representation for rotations internally! The quaternion class itself is simple, and conversion to and from rotation matrix and axis-angle representations is fairly straightforward. The magic happens in converting from Euler angles — all twelve valid conventions! By solving the conversion to quaternion for all twelve […]

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  • Rotating Lines

    Problem: Given a line of slope m in the Euclidean plane, what is the slope m’ of the line rotated (counterclockwise) by angle θ? Solution: Suppose we have an equation for the line of the form y = mx + b. We can ignore b as it is unrelated to the slope (in effect, we […]

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  • So Close, Yet So Far Away

    I humbly entreat any analytical intellects of greater constitution than my own (of which, to be sure, there is no dearth) to enlighten me in matters mathematical. First of all, if I have a 5-dimensional space which consists of a 3-dimensional Euclidean space plus direction (defined by inclination and azimuth) — that is, the set […]

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  • The Road To Here

    In my M.A.Sc. work on stereo camera network calibration, I made use of a series of graphs to describe the relationships between nodes. Existing work had already produced the vision graph and what I will call the transition graph (after Farrell and Davis‘ transition model). In both graphs, each vertex represents a node (camera or […]

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