• Thoughts in Kaoss

    Yesterday, I spent the afternoon implementing the KMod hack on my Kaossilator thanks to a most excellent set of instructions. I used a DE-9 male connector, so I actually have 2 pins free for potential future additions (I wonder if I can cram something in there to output a MIDI-compatible tempo clock signal based on […]

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  • Rollerblade Odometer

    I want a pair of rollerblades that, using simple technology (no GPS), can fairly accurately report to me how far I’ve traveled. I want an odometer readout that I can reset before each trip. How can this be accomplished? Add rotary encoders to the front and back wheels on the skate. We want the frictionless […]

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  • Expansion

    Good progress all around this weekend! One of the Thousand Parsec developers wrote up a Wiki page on sockets in tpserver-cpp, which, together with his help by email, has got my mind wrapped almost all the way around my project. The last step is actually laying out the specification for the administration protocol. For that, […]

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  • Outta Time

    Ever since I was little, my REM sleep from around 4:00 AM on has consisted of my subconscious attempting to devise a self-convincing reason to remain in bed. The best one ever was today’s: I imagined, quite convincingly, that my alarm clock was actually a time machine, and if I simply set the alarm for […]

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