• The Real and Imaginary of The Tea Party Live

    With The Tea Party back together and touring again, and after seeing three live shows since last year’s reunion, I thought I’d set down some collected thoughts on the band’s catalogue and live performances. Naturally, this is all subjective, but I’ve provided links to the studio versions of the songs I mention, so you can […]

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  • Thoughts in Kaoss

    Yesterday, I spent the afternoon implementing the KMod hack on my Kaossilator thanks to a most excellent set of instructions. I used a DE-9 male connector, so I actually have 2 pins free for potential future additions (I wonder if I can cram something in there to output a MIDI-compatible tempo clock signal based on […]

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  • Expansion

    Good progress all around this weekend! One of the Thousand Parsec developers wrote up a Wiki page on sockets in tpserver-cpp, which, together with his help by email, has got my mind wrapped almost all the way around my project. The last step is actually laying out the specification for the administration protocol. For that, […]

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  • I Got Tron Guy’s Green Ribbon

    Penguicon was a good time. Highlights include beer tasting, a talk from xkcd creator Randall Munroe, an excellent introduction to database programming with a Dungeons & Dragons application from Catherine Devlin, a talk on PXE by Kyle Rankin, the Open Source-ry masquerade hosted by Wolfman Mac Kelly from Nightmare Sinema, and having a good talk […]

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  • Audacious to Pidgin, Please Respond

    I was poking through Audacious plugins yesterday, and it turns out there’s a Song Change plugin that runs user-specified commands when a song starts, a song ends, the playlist ends, or the title changes. With a little trial and error, I figured out that this command sends the track title to Pidgin‘s status: m=”%n”; purple-remote […]

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  • Nice Rack

    After more than 4 years of slow construction, I’m a few pieces away from having the originally planned Ultimate DJ Rack complete. I was excited to find out OtsDJ finally had a new (major) release, with a shitload of features I’d been waiting for for years. But bummer, the system requirements jumped from well within […]

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