• Free Software in Vision

    My research area at school is distributed smart cameras, a field which is primarily rooted in computer vision. Despite having access to a range of expensive proprietary software libraries by virtue of having purchased the equipment, most of my computer vision work uses a stack of free software running on Gentoo Linux. For interfacing to […]

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  • OpenCV Progress

    Things are going well after the first week working with OpenCV. I have no proper complaints about the library, but I still have that uneasy feeling one gets when using something so high-level. It is particularly acute in this case, as computer vision problems are notoriously ill-posed and, having researched many of them heavily, I […]

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  • OpenCV, Day One

    I’ve been building on my research lab’s computer vision codebase for a couple years now, slowly adding functionality as it’s needed to get some experiment or other done. It’s built on National Instruments’ LabWindows/CVI IDE, along with their image acquisition and low-level CV stuff, so it’s strictly Windows-based and the code is basically useless in […]

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  • Stable Interest Point Detection in 3D

    I would love for someone to do this research. Maybe I will. Point me in the direction of anything that looks promising, and I will buy you a beer if it leads to the apprehension of the suspect. This is the most promising I’ve seen to date, but I e-mailed the guy and he’s no […]

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  • PyDSSCC Release

    I recently cranked out a usable release of PyDSSCC, the Python implementation of my distributed smart stereo camera network calibration scheme. Version 0.3 is a world better than what I tacked onto my M.A.Sc. thesis as an appendix. Notably, it’s packaged as a Python module now. Also notably, it now generates the bin ranges for […]

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  • Distributed Descriptive Statistics and Magic

    Here’s an interesting problem. Anyone know of a solution to this? There are 24 wizards in the land of Network. They live spread out far from one another, because if too many of them got too close, the concentration of magical power would create a singularity and destroy the universe. They are all aware of […]

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  • There And Back Again

    After about a month’s break (vacation to BC, followed by a week buried in books, followed by ICDSC), I’m back to both school and Thousand Parsec development. For the former, attending ICDSC couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m just in the process of starting new research, and some of the topics presented there […]

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  • Smart Cameras Don’t Kill People

    My field of research being what it is, this article on Boing Boing caught my eye as I scrolled through my feeds just now. You’d think I’d have some huge conflict of interest working on distributed smart cameras, seeing as surveillance is currently their most prolific application and considering that I am a huge civil […]

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  • Expansion

    Good progress all around this weekend! One of the Thousand Parsec developers wrote up a Wiki page on sockets in tpserver-cpp, which, together with his help by email, has got my mind wrapped almost all the way around my project. The last step is actually laying out the specification for the administration protocol. For that, […]

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  • Hammertime

    Defense successful. No cities lost. All missiles destroyed. In terms of comments on my thesis, a better overall flow and more formal naming for chapters and sections were the main requests. In other words, the bread and meat are OK, but it needs more Miracle Whip and crispier lettuce. The future direction of this research […]

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