• Python Conquers the Universe

    While testing the Thousand Parsec single player mode on Gentoo the other day, I came across something strange. The wxPython client, when run from a Git working directory, wants to use development versions of libtpproto-py and libtpclient-py. It does this by prepending ‘.’ to sys.path. For some reason, though, import tp.* was still finding the […]

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  • Play Alone Soon

    Thousand Parsec single player mode is almost ready! The initial goal is to release tpclient-pywx with single player mode, along with at least one server and one AI client supporting two rulesets, on Windows and Gentoo Linux. We achieved a few of the final steps last month. First, we have the release of tpserver-cpp 0.6.0. […]

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  • TP Single Player Release

    We’re planning to release a version of the Thousand Parsec tpclient-pywx client soon with the new single player wizard. Support for single player mode is also coming in tpserver-cpp and (hopefully) a couple of the AI clients. The target date for the first candidate is October 19. I’ve significantly updated the Gentoo overlay for Thousand […]

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  • There And Back Again

    After about a month’s break (vacation to BC, followed by a week buried in books, followed by ICDSC), I’m back to both school and Thousand Parsec development. For the former, attending ICDSC couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m just in the process of starting new research, and some of the topics presented there […]

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  • GSoC/TP Weekly Report (August 9 – August 15)

    This Week: This week’s big accomplishment was completing the wizard. From initially getting it to work to a fully functional wizard only took two (long) days of hacking, thanks to good preparation everywhere else. I also improved the control scripts and XML definitions. The server and ruleset stuff implemented so far works well. Big sigh […]

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  • Do Wizards Fly?

    Well, I managed an eleventh-hour completion of the single-player wizard, the last major component of my Google Summer of Code project. From here on out, it’s wrapping up little loose ends, spit and polish, documentation, and instructions for some sort of proof-of-concept demo. The wizard works quite well, assuming you have proper XML definitions and […]

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  • GSoC/TP Weekly Report (August 2 – August 8)

    This Week: I wrote the Single Player wiki page early this week, and expanded on it several times since. There is a flowchart showing the conceptual steps to starting a single player game in a wizard context, and an accompanying Python script which actually interfaces with the libtpclient-py backend. There are also sample XML and […]

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  • Roadblock

    The Thousand Parsec Single Player wiki page, which I started this week, provides information about implementing single player mode in clients (for now, only those using libtpclient-py) as well as adding support in servers, rulesets, and AI clients. The implementation section provides a text-based Python script that emulates the functionality of a wizard. I am […]

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  • GSoC/TP Weekly Report (July 26 – August 1)

    This Week: Two of three major components of single-player mode have been tackled as planned this week. The first was specifying the XML and control script formats each server, ruleset module, and AI client should use. I will document it in detail on the wiki soon, but for now, take a look at the most […]

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  • Fractal Server Descriptions

    Yesterday’s thoughts on implementing the single-player wizard in libtpclient-py. I’m planning to use Python’s xml.sax module to parse multiple server/ruleset XML descriptions into a big list-and-dictionary structure. The structure for, say, tpserver-cpp-0.5.1.xml would look something like this (though the final product would, in general, consist of the data from multiple such files): [ { ‘name’ […]

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