• Last Lap

    Well, the new is up. Deep breath taken but completely unnecessary, plunge much smoother than expected. Careful planning followed by swift execution seems to work well for me. Looks like I have a couple extra days of breathing room for this ICDSC 2008 paper. My thesis draft won’t be through the grinder until the […]

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  • The New Me

    In intermittent spurts of not wanting to work on a conference paper, which are more frequent and prolonged than I’d like, I’ve been revamping I’d call it 2.0, you know, to use the lame cliche and to fit in with the whole Web 2.0 thing, but this is actually the fourth major iteration of […]

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  • Copyright?

    Last night, a 12-year-old kid emailed me about using my dad’s Ambassador Bridge Sunset photo on his website. I checked it out. Nothing at all like my first website on GeoCities when I was 12 — this kid has his own first and last name domain, and codes with the latest bag of HTML, CSS, […]

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